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Flag of Nepal

The world's most unique flag of the world , that's flag of Nepal. Well flag of Nepal is the only one triangular flag or non-quadrilateral shaped flag is whole world. The picture below clearly shows you the flag of Nepal . It has two pennons with crescent moon and sun and constitute three colors crimson red , blue , white .
Flag of nepal

Hey guys as you have already noticed that it has really unique shape and believe upcoming facts will blow your mind but before that have a  look at short table of contents.

1. Nick Names of flag
2. Design of Flag of Nepal
3. Meaning of colours and shapes
4. History of Flag of Nepal
5. Really amazing facts
6. Official layouts and construction
7. Conclusion

Nick  names of flag

Flag of Nepal has different names according to people , communities and due to international popularity. In the world it is famous as " triangle flag " . This term is often used by foreigner who have visited  Nepal . I have seen some tourist using " triangle flag " in my own country.

In common Nepali language we don't have any special name but we simply call it "Nepali flag" . Also In some songs of Nepal there is a term used for flag which is " chandra surya jungi nishan ". This term is a sentence which means that the sun , moon and red colour represents the bravery. 
But i don't use any special name i simply call it flag of Nepal. 

Design of flag of Nepal

In the flag of Nepal there are two right triangles overlapping each other i.e the combination of two pennons. These triangles are of crimson red colour .
There is a thick blue coloured border on the all side of flag. The upper triangle is smaller and has a white crescent moon and the lower triangle is bigger and has a big white sun with twelve corners. 
In this way the flag has the combination pennons with sun , moon and a blue border .

Meaning of colors and shapes

There is very deep meaning in every part of flag yeah thats true. 


The crimson red colour which is our national colour represents the bravery of our soldiers and also common people .
 Brave gorkha soldiers has proved this in battle between Nepalese and  Britishers and you can check out many documentary on anglo - Nepal war.
The blue part means peace and harmony among people. There are hundreds of castes and communities living in Nepal but there is still peace and  harmony.

The white colour represent non violence , As Nepal is birthplace of lordbuddha  who gives path of non violence so we don't like violence.


If i talk about shapes  then i have to say the triangle is the symbol of ancient indus valley civilization . Yeah without any doubt its our ancient culture to make flags of triangled shape. So whats about india, well before arrival of britishers india has many small kingdoms with triangle flag.
But we were never colonized and so we saved our ancient culture.

Another shape of sun represents the hot regions of our country which lowlands. And the moon represents the cool nature of himalayas and mountains of Nepal.
And the remaining is border which is a line of border which separates our country from others.

History of flag of Nepal

The modern flag of Nepal was officially recognized in 16 december 1962 .
When we look at the history , the triangle shaped map was first designed on the period of prithvinarayan shah when he conquered all the small states . 

It was later adopted internationally in 1962 officially. After that there is an article in our constitution about way to make flag and it is most mathematical map in world as its shapes are only triangles and straight lines.

Really amazing facts 

There are few amazing facts about flag of Nepal.
1. It is the only non quadrilateral shaped flag in the whole world . Remaining all the countries has either square or rectangle shaped flags.
2. Map of Nepal is very mathematical and can be constructed using scale,pencil , protractor and compass.
3. Every single part of flag has its own deep meaning and believed by all citizens.

How to make flag of Nepal

(Relating to clause (2) of Article 8)
National Flag of Nepal

The method of making the National Flag of Nepal  is given below:

A . Method of making the shape inside the border

(1) On the lower portion of a crimson cloth draw a line AB of the required
length from left to right.
(2) From A draw a line AC perpendicular to AB making AC equal to AB plus
one third AB. From AC mark off D making line AD equal to line AB. Join B
and D.
(3) From BD mark off E making BE equal to AB.
(4) Touching E draw a line FG, starting from the point F on line AC, parallel to
AB to the right hand-side. Mark off FG equal to AB.
(5) Join C and G.

B . Method of making the moon

(6) From AB mark off AH making AH equal to one-fourth of line AB and
starting from H draw a line HI parallel to line AC touching line CG at point
(7) Bisect CF at J and draw a line JK parallel to AB touching CG at point K.
(8) Let L be the point where lines JK and HI cut one another.
(9) Join J and G.
(10) Let M be the point where line JG and HI cut one another.
(11) With centre M and with a distance shortest from M to BD mark off N on the
lower portion of line HI.
(12) Touching M and starting from O, a point on AC, draw a line from left to
right parallel to AB.
(13) With centre L and radius LN draw a semi-circle on the lower portion and let
P and Q be the points where it touches the line OM respectively.
(14) With centre M and radius MQ draw a semi-circle on the lower portion
touching P and Q.
(15) With centre N and radius NM draw an arc touching PNQ at R and S. Join
RS. Let T be the point where RS and HI cut one another.
(16) With centre T and radius TS draw a semi-circle on the upper portion of PNQ
touching it at two points.
(17) With centre T and radius TM draw an arc on the upper portion of PNQ
touching at two points.
(18) Eight equal and similar triangles of the moon are to be made in the space
lying inside the semi-circle of No. (16) and outside the arc of No. (17) of
this Schedule.

C . Method of making the sun

(19) Bisect line AF at U, and draw a line UV parallel to AB line touching line BE
at V.
(20) With centre W, the point where HI and UV cut one another and radius MN
draw a circle.
(21) With centre W and radius LN draw a circle.
(22) Twelve equal and similar triangles of the sun are to be made in the space
enclosed by the circles of No. (20) and of No. (21) with the two apexes of
two triangles touching line HI.

D . Method of making the border

(23) The width of the border will be equal to the width TN. This will be of deep
blue colour and will be provided on all the side of the flag. However, on the
five angles of the flag the external angles will be equal to the internal angles.
(24) The above mentioned border will be provided if the flag is to be used with a
rope. On the other hand, if it is to be hoisted on a pole, the hole on the
border on the side AC can be extended according to requirements.
Explanation: The lines HI, RS, FE, ED, JG, OQ, JK and UV are imaginary.
Similarly, the external and internal circles of the sun and the other arcs except the
crescent moon are also imaginary. These are not shown on the flag.
Note bene:The size of the National Flag of Nepal shall be as determined by the
Government of Nepal.


If i really talk about true flag in the world its flag of Nepal . I have few supportive reasons like it is very unique in shape and no other countries have  such shape. Also every single parts on flag has its meaning which represents different qualities of Nepal and also describes the life and people of Nepal.

I myself is from Nepal and i really love my flag and also my country Nepal. Thats it in this article.
Thank you very much
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Nepal-The land of Nature

I really warmly welcome you to read about
"The land of nature" which is my own  country Nepal. Friends its a small , landlocked yet very beautiful country situated between two well known neighbours i.e India and china.

Nepal is one of the best destinations  for tourist as it constitute Mt.Everest ( worlds highest peak),Lumbini ( birthplace of lord buddha),also different lakes , hillstations , treks,rafting,and many world heritage sites.

When i really look at my country it amazes me every time and i feel really blessed to be citizen of Nepal because everyone spends alot on tourism and exploring new places but when it comes to me i have thousands of unexplored places in my own country.

Some Quick facts
Official Name : Government of Nepal
Capital city : kathmandu
Area : 147,181 sq km
Population : 26,494,504 (26 million)
National Langauage : Nepali
Religion : Hindu(81%), Buddhist , Muslim
Currency : 1 Nepalese Ruppees =100 paisa
Literacy Rate : 65.9%


In this article  you will know different aspects of Nepal like as follow in Table of content.

1. Where is Nepal located ?
2.Means of transportation
3.Geography of Nepal
4.Tourism in Nepal
5.Lifestyle and accomodations
6.Economy of Nepal
7.Amazing facts and information
8.Dark aspects

Where is Nepal located ?

Where is nepal located

As i mentioned earlier Nepal is located in south asia in between two subcontinents china and India . Nepal is landlocked and its three boundaries i.e east, south , west meets to India
Where as northern boundary separates from china so in this way Nepal has only two neighbouring countries.

Upper northern part is covered with mountains and peaks so we have no any good route of transportation to china and so we have only one trade neighbour which is india which clearifies that we depend mainly on india for trade.

Means of transportation

Nepal is a developing country and so you can find here from bicycles to aeroplanes. Well we have only one International airport till now (2020). But In near future there is hope for at least 4 international airports.
Though we are not so well developed, we use various means of transportations according to geography. We use bus, cars,bike,bicycle and also some part we have rope ways and to extreme part of mountains we use flights and helicopters.

Well in our capital city there is few electric bus services and also a electric bike is launched which indicates that we are growing slowly . Though we are only copying others but we are doing good slowly.

Geography of Nepal

Do you know despite of very little land we have all types of vegetation , geography and climate.
I know its weired but let me explain it . My
country constitute of plains,hills and Mountains
Which creates this variation in climates and vegetation.

Scientific explaination: 

Well i am a science student so i understand that with increment in altitude there is decrement in temperature. 
So we feel hot and sunny climate i.e tropical in PLAINS
And moderate cold i.e sub-tropical in HILLY region
And very cold and snowfall in MOUNTAIN.

So in this way we have three geographical regions which are explained below:


In this region you can find grassland and farms which produces food for the country so it is also called granary of Nepal. 

Beside this there is also tropical forest with tigers,leopard,Elephant,pythons, crocodile . The most famous forest is Chitwan National park which is a world heritage site and really good for animal safari and also for adventurers ,biological reasearch.
Believe me these forests are protecting endangered species like one-horned-rhino, Asiatic Rock Python and Royal Bengal Tiger.

I really love this region because this region is also famous for tropical fruits like mango,grapes,litchi and many more . I am big fan of fruits , yeah.


Well this is the region where you can find duns,valleys and hillstations to enjoy fresh airs and this region is best for humans as it is moderate and little cold like airconditioned place.  Our capital city Kathmandu is a valley which is somewhere in middle of our country and currently i also live in Kathmandu valley .
I really feel good living here as it is very good in climate and with hills and green forests but due to contruction works it has created some mess and pollution which is not good.

But its better than you can think it has really valuable resources and historical places 


Mountains of Nepal

Thats the best part for tourist and visitors i feel really proud to say you that worlds top 8 mountains lies in Nepal along with Mt.Everest (8848m)and except second highest i.e Mt.K2 which is in pakistan.

There is a series of treks which is called The great Himalayan Trails. Hey all the mountains of our country Nepal also Bhutan ,India and pakistan lies in a Greatest mountain range called Himalayas.

Tourism in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best destinations of tourists because of different factors like Mt Everest, Lord Buddha, many World heritage sites and also adventures,trekking,rafting,boating,also due to lakes etc. I know you might be thinking Nepal is too small for all this right.

But thats true In mountains Mt everest is first choice for mountaineers and comes from all over the world to climb. There are about top Eight mountains but famous are Kanchanjunga(near the Mt everest), Annapurna,Dhaulagiri,Manaslu(dangerous).

In world heritage sites we have Bhaktapur durbar square, patan durbar square,Changu Narayan Temple, Swyambhunath stupa, chitwan national park, Sagarmatha national park , Lumbini(birth place of lord buddha) and may be i left some.

Our country have plenty of lakes like L. Rara,L.Sheyphoksundo, L. Begnas ,L.Tilicho(worlds largest lake at highest altitude ) and also i did'nt mentioned all here only famous one.
Besides these My country Nepal is famous for paragliding and rafting . There are two valleys which everyone must visit which is kathmandu valley and pokhara valley.

Lifestyle and accomodations

Well if you think for lifestyle Nepal is completely constitute of middle class family who works everyday and earn their livings.
They involves in different activities like Agriculture, Trading,services , business and also works for public service.

Though there are different works but  most of people nowadays has developed a trend of foreign employment as there is lack of jobs and oppertunities . Foreign is like our  culture students go for studies and unemployed go for jobs. 

There is variations in lifestyle of people as there are different communities in Nepal so particularly there are 3 huge communities like people of plains do agriculture and foreign employment , people of hills do business , public service and trading , people of mountains do animal husbandry and tourism.
But tourism is a great industry which runs all over the Nepal.

Economy of Nepal

Economy of Nepal

Nepal is very weak in economy due to lack of good business management system and so it bears alot of loss in trades . Also  Import dominates the export and so Nepal does'nt seem to be progressing in industries and business sectors.

Nepal has low income economy with nominal GDP $29.813 billion and GDP growth rate of 6.4% in fiscal year 19/20 . There is also problem with inflation rate which is 4.15% in 2018. The major sector which contributes in GDP are Agriculture(27%) , Industry(13.5%) , and services(59.5%).
The human development of index of Nepal is 0.579 which is medium and There is about 25.2% people who live below poverty (2018).

The main industries are Tourism, carpets , Textiles , Small rice , Jute , Sugar which plays key role in GDP of country . Beside this Remittance is another important source which contributes in economy.

Amazing facts and information

Facts of Nepal

There are many amazing facts which will blow your mind . Yeah you will feel very weired after reading all these facts as Nepal is very small.
  1. Worlds top 8 mountains lies is Nepal (except second highest Mt.k2 which is in Pakistan).
  2. Nepal has world record of having densest   region of sites  enlisted in UNESCO which is kathmandu valley. 
  3. In the whole earth only our country has triangular shape whereas all other have either square or rectangular shapes.
  4. Lord Buddha the founder of Buddhism which is prayed by most of eastern countries like China,Japan,vietnam etc was born in Kapilvastu district of Nepal.
  5. Though we are influenced by india but we don't have independance day because we were not colonized by anybody due brave Gorkha soldiers.
  6. Lake. Tilicho of Nepal has been  the worlds biggest lake at highest altitude.
  7. Endangered species like; Red Panda , Giant pied horn bill , Royal Bengal Tiger, One horned rhinocerous , Asiatic Elephant, Asiatic Rock python are found here.
  8. Nepal is favourite of adventurers and NatGeo channel and also a i found discovery channel had made a documentary named supernaturalist on Nepal.

Dark aspects

Though there are alot of Natural gifts given by nature , we are still under developed and living a primitive life. Only some cities including capital city is modernizing but remaining part is struggling for survival. 
Well i belong to one of them who are struggling to grow and currently i have came in capital for studies with the hope to change the life. I don't know  my future but as a student i am doing well.

Our country is influenced all by India and so we only copy india we are not doing anything new and different. Actually the unstable government and lack of educated political leaders are root cause of problem. Also lack of governance and leadership has created a system where none of citizens want to work fairly and so we are one of the greatest contributors of corruption in world.


Its really very easy to say that Nepal is gift of Nature to human and It is really not less than a heaven on earth but due to lack of knowledge , Modern technology and good governance we have made this heaven very messy.
 But believe me it is still a great place for tourist and visitors who wants to hug the nature and keep the beauty in their eyes. I really love my country  and so if you are from other countries then visit my country once.

And please watch an official video of 
Visit Nepal 2020 on youtube.

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References : 
1. My own knowledge
2. Books, magazines
3.Wikipedia for economical data.